Before and After pictures grading a gravel driveway

This is a before picture of a residential gravel driveway / parking area. With little or no maintenance it has become overgrown with vegetation and low spots to hold water and create ruts. The driveway gravel seems to be disappearing and is being absorbed by the ground.

Before picture overgrown gravel parking area


This is the after picture of the same driveway, one hour later. No new gravel has been added. By blading the existing gravel with our grading equipment we were able to recover the gravel to fill in the depressions, and smooth the whole area to allow good drainage. The vegetation was also removed by our machine, no more need to run the lawn mower over the driveway.

After picture of graded driveway

overgrown parking areaafter picture of blading

More before and after pictures of a gravel road with pot holes

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